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Competition Team Incubation Program Resource

This page contains additional resources for schools that are considering a partnership with RoboKai to form a new VEX IQ competition robotics team.

Overview of the VEX IQ Robotics Competition

2024-2025 VIQRC Game: Rapid Relay


Official Game Manual - The latest version of the Official Game Manual for the 2024-2025 game, Rapid Relay.

Code of Conduct - This page contains the Code of Conduct developed by RECF for the VEX IQ Competition.

RECF Knowledge Base - Everything you need to know about starting and running a VEX IQ team, compiled by the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation.


VEXcode VR - Students can use this free website to program virtual robots using the same platform we use to program physical robots on our teams. It's a powerful tool for learning and improving coding skills in either a Scratch-based or Python-based environment. The site has plenty of tutorials and an easy-to-use help menu, along with many fun playgrounds, including one based on the Full Volume game. RoboKai has a premium subscription to this software, which can be accessed using the code AVZFBZ. Clicking the link above will automatically activate the premium features.

VEXcode IQ - This is the same software we use to program our team robots. Students may install it for free at home to work on their actual team programs. If students wish to experiment with block- or text-based coding using a virtual robot, use VEXcode VR instead.

VEXcode VR Knowledge Base - This page contains a wealth of information and tutorials for using VEXcode VR.

VEXcode IQ Knowledge Base - This page contains a wealth of information and tutorials for using VEXcode IQ.


VEXcode Mechanical Knowledge Base - Here students can learn about various types of mechanisms for VEX IQ robots, such as drivetrains, arms, and claws. The knowledge base also provides advice for building more efficient and effective robots.

VIQRC Design Process and Notebooks - Teams who develop a good engineering notebook for their team will not only have a great way to communicate design ideas and changes to each other, but also will be eligible for certain VIQC Awards that make them eligible for the World Championships. This page contains everything you need to know about maintaining a paper or digital notebook.

The Unofficial FRC Mechanism Encyclopedia - This page developed by students and mentors in the FIRST Robotics Competition provides an extensive collection of mechanism descriptions and videos demonstrating different types of systems and subsystems that have been used in FRC and VRC competitions. A great place to research ideas for robot designs.

CAD & SnapCAD - This page includes a Windows-based program called SnapCAD that allows you to build 3D models of robots using digital VEX IQ parts. The page also includes links to training videos. RoboKai has SnapCAD on our Maker Lab workstations, which students may use during class.

Autodesk Fusion 360 for Personal Use - Parents (or students who meet age requirements) may create a free personal account for this professional-grade CAD software, which works with the STEP files found on the above CAD & SnapCAD page. This software is more resource-intensive and has a steeper learning curve than SnapCAD, but is ideal for students who wish to go deep into CAD modeling. RoboKai uses Fusion 360 in our Maker Lab.

TOURNAMENT RESOURCES - Where you can find tournament listings, details, World Skills standings, webcasts, and more.

VEX Online Challenges - The REC Foundation's Online Challenges provide a unique opportunity for students from around the world to participate in VEX Robotics Competition, VEX U, and VEX IQ Robotics Competition-based engineering competitions. Students can show off their work, win prizes, and even win a chance to compete at the VEX Robotics World Championship.

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