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10 Questions with Coach Cameron

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

At RoboKai we have great coaches who love working with members to explore their creativity and passion for robotics. One of our coaches is Coach Cameron, who joined the staff in March 2021. We're doing a "10 Questions" series so that members and parents can get to know our staff better. Coach Cameron goes first.

A Battle Royale match.

Cameron first noticed RoboKai on his way home from Battlegrounds, across the parking lot, where he plays Warhammer with friends. Intrigued by the name, he looked us up on his phone, and when he saw we were a robotics club, he was immediately interested. He is a fan of the "Battlebots" television series, and had recently begun working on a combat robot of his own. He reached out to club owner, Jason McGarvey, to find out if there were any job opportunities. Coach Jason was so impressed with Cameron's ambition and enthusiasm for robotics, he hired him as our first assistant coach.

Over the past year, Coach Cameron has brought a ton of positive energy to the club, making sure every member feels welcome and has fun, whether they are building crazy contraptions or joining a battle royale.

We love having Coach Cameron on the RoboKai team, and we hope you'll enjoy getting to know him better.


Full name: Cameron Brody Biringer

Birthplace: Henrico, VA

Birthday: February 27

High school: James River High School

10 Questions

  1. What's your favorite color? Purple.

  2. What was your favorite toy growing? Legos. In particular, the Lego Power Miner kits.

  3. What is your favorite video game? Skylander.

  4. What hobby do you enjoy the most now? Sculpting Warhammer miniatures.

  5. Which BattleBot is your favorite? Hypershock. He’s the underdog of the series.

  6. What is the most recent book you’ve read? Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.

  7. Chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream? Vanilla.

  8. If you could visit any place in the world this weekend, where would it be? I would have to say the Himalayas. I love mountain-climbing towns because you get to meet adventurous people from around the world.

  9. If you were stranded on desert island with only a DVD player and TV for entertainment, what is the one DVD you would to have? Garfield: A Tale Two Kitties.

  10. Tell us one thing about yourself that would surprise RoboKai members. I never got to play with robots growing up.

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